Sair Bashir – One Stage Many Mics

sair bashir One Stage Many Mics

This is the debut full album from up and coming producer – Sair Bashir – and what a solid debut it is as well. The beats are quite hard and gritty and is very much 90’s boom bap in it’s flavour. There’s a few well known emcee’s up on it like Pace Won, NYOil (Kool Kim from the UMC’s) and Craig G as well as some I can’t claim to have heard of before. However, each emcee really brings their A game on this album and are certainly blend exceptionally well with Sair Bashir’s beats. On a personal level, I found Maximus Tor particularly impressive and hope to hear more from him in the future. This is certainly an album that the old school Hip-Hop heads will enjoy!

Stand out track – Technique Is Mad Weak

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