Cee-Won X – The Excursion II: A Poet In the Land of Cruel Intentions

Cee-Won X The Excursion II: A Poet In the Land of Cruel Intentions

I thought long and hard about whether this album from Cee-Won X should be reviewed. It has nothing to do with the quality of the album, it’s because it’s a year old. I didn’t really want to kick off this blog with anything over a few months old. Otherwise, I’d find that there’d be lots of requests from people to review their album from X amount of years ago. So to set the record straight now, we’ll go back as far as a year on the condition that your album is as good as this one. To put that into context, this album is quite frankly, amazing.

I feel like someone picked me up and dumped me back down in 1993. There’s certainly a strong influence from A Tribe Called Quest, with many a nod to them throughout. However, it still has it’s own vibe and is very fresh. The beats have a slight Dilla vibe to them and most tracks feel like a merging of Tribe, Souls Of Mischief & The Pharcyde. Cee-Won X is also an exceptional emcee and it comes together for a faultless offering. With some hard work, Cee-Won X could very much find himself a very well known emcee within Real Hip-Hop circles. If you don’t check this album out then you’re the description of a fool – it’s dope!

Stand out track – Dare To Differ

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