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50 Foot Drop promotes self expression, originality and creativity through it’s quirky, cartoon themed streetwear designs. They bring a vibrant and bold life to their graphic prints and embroidery work. All their garments have an old school vibe to them. 50 Foot Drop are a brand that wants to help you stand out from the crowd and are for the leaders of the pack that aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Fifty Foot Drop Killa Bee t-shirt 

50 Foot Drop’s creator – Owen Thomas is a young man with a plan since escaping a near death accident in 2015. Owen fell 50 feet from a cliff in Cornwall, severely breaking both his ankles, fracturing his skull and ending up in a wheelchair. This father of one decided to create 50 Foot Drop and spend his new life working on his passions, namely that of art and design. Owen is working on to building a new career, and in his spare time, supports young creative people interested in pursuing a future in art and design.

Owen is self-taught illustrator with a relaxed natural talent; he constantly thinks outside the box to develop his artwork and ideas. Owen is inspired by Hip Hop and Jazz music and culture. Owen has a mixed, extensive history with music and has used his passion and drive to develop his musical skills; he’s done this since the age of 15. He has collected a fruitful variety of productions and co-features, collaborating with artists all across the UK and overseas. His library of beats and lyrical content can be found on his Bandcamp website, but that is only a small proportion of work he has completed. His most recent accomplishment was producing two tracks for UK lyricist Kingpin, both of which were featured on Kingpin’s album, and work which won the title of best UK hip hop album 2016.

Owen has been supporting and recording local artists. He plans to conduct workshops for children in order to develop their skills as illustrators. Owen hopes to continue to build his brand and keep both his feet firmly on the ground!


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