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Welcome to Rockfresh – A Real Hip-Hop blog for the Real Hip-Hop heads.

You may remember us as a Hip-Hop clothing store. From the ashes of that comes this. The store was a lot of work and eventually became too much without moving forwards enough. However, we had built up such a great community of Hip-Hop heads across various platforms and we came across so many dope artists that we’d never have known about had the business never been started. We didn’t want to let that go and wanted remain a useful resource for the Hip-Hop community. If you are looking for the clothing we sold, it can be found on our eBay page.

The aim of the Rockfresh blog.

There’s too many blogs around that just talk and talk, trying to out-do each other by using fancy descriptive words that no-one understands in order to look like they know what they’re talking about. They come across like pretentious wine-tasters. Our reviews will be simple, short and to the point. Added to that, our reviews will be positive. We don’t see the point in giving bad reviews, we won’t listen to it long enough to give a full break down as to why and we don’t see the point in knocking an artist who has put time and effort into creating something. Just because it isn’t our taste, doesn’t mean the artist should be knocked for it. 

Submitting your music for our ears.

Please use our Contact Page to submit your music. We will only promote albums that are professional. So either hosted on your own website or on Bandcamp. We will not promote just a song on Soundcloud for example but we will promote official videos on our videos page. Please remember to include the link to the music and links to your social media profiles.